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Direct Access Trading

For Black Box Traders

Graybox™: Highly Tailored Technology By Industry Experts


You’ll get the Graybox™ Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) with full access to its application programming interface (API) that allows external applications to access the execution functionality of the Graybox™ trading system and use it as a platform to manage order flow. Simple ActiveX controls send and manage orders, maintain positions, and can be easily integrated with a C/C++ or Visual Basic application. Utilize code of some of Graybox's™ popular order logic routines, like smart orders. External Applications can control every aspect of an order, from Time In Force to specifying reserve quantities, risk and compliance features, and back office activities (e.g. blotters, daily reports, etc.). The API is shipped with a sample application and source code that can help reduce the integration time cycle.

With our hosting services you gain access to our infrastructure and programming that has been optimized for speed and minimize latency. This technology takes advantage of many esoteric liquidity grabbing features found in Graybox™ like dynamic and static smart orders, baskets, blasting, super ECN ordering, and adjustable close out features. In our industry, hundredths of a penny can be the difference between success and failure.

Our systems, supported by our talented staff, have handled billions of dollars of business. If you are looking for speed, power, flexibility, reliability and a competitive edge, make Hold Brothers hosting services your black box’s new home!

Custom Programming

Rather than spending a lot of money hiring new programmers, and devoting a lot of time and effort developing a platform, you can use our programmers who have a tremendous advantage, they are familiar with our product and our source code as well as knowing what canned codeis available for utilization. Hold Brothers can custom build a black box fast, cost effectively, and with maximum throughput. We can create an advanced and intelligent trading engine that streamlines your trading parameters smoothly and efficiently. A black box enables you to leverage our state-of-the-art infrastructure allowing you to take full advantage of Hold Brothers direct access technology and smart order algorithms for unsurpassed speed, reliability, and accuracy. If you’re looking for confidential custom programming, we have the talent and expertise that can deliver.


Hold Brothers offers a full private label solution to licensed dealers wishing to provide our Graybox™ front-end platform to their clients under their own product name and logo. You have access to a software product that has been utilized and proven by countless traders in its lifetime. Our software developers are available to work with you to accommodate your specific needs. We can tailor Graybox™ to meet your requirements.

Institutional Trading

Hold Brothers offers comprehensive technology and execution services for hedge funds, institutions and money managers. Graybox™ software was created by traders for traders.  Graybox™ has been around for a dozen years and has weathered every market condition and emerged as a winning software offering. Institutional clients have access to numerous data services. Our live news desk offers complete coverage of breaking news and analysts’ rating changes. The news desk is programmable to select categories of current news. Our clients receive first class technical support while taking advantage of our first-rate data center.

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