Fast. Competitive. Flexible.
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Graybox™: Highly Tailored Technology By Industry Experts

Fast. Competitive. Flexible.  Hold Brothers’ proprietary Graybox™ software is designed to help maximize our traders’ ability to performfaster and more competitively, from anywhere in the world and in any market environment.

At Hold Brothers we invest substantially in our technology, which includes investing in a team of expert, in-house developers devoted full-time to keeping Graybox™ continually updated and on the leading-edge.

Graybox™ can be customized to fit each traders unique needs, and includes a built in data center and risk management system. Contact us today to find out how Graybox™ can help you trade more effectively and efficiently.

Graybox™ at a glance:

  • Fast Quotes - Integrated Level II and direct ECN Books provide super-fast quotes interfaces
  • Fast Executions - Direct executions with major exchanges and ATS’s
  • Scalable execution system with in-built redundancy
  • Keystroke shortcuts for 80 possible functions let you trade at the touch of a button
  • Customizable for any trading style
  • Advanced trading features, including:
    • Smart Order: Scan the market for the best price within the inside market
    • Mass Preferencing & Override: Send multiple orders to market makers/ECNs within a certain level
    • Blasting: Send multiple orders to all market makers at multiple price levels
    • SwipeKey: Automatically place a Bid/Offer at the top of a specified ECN book
    • Super ECN Key: Send orders to all ECNs at a specified price
    • Ignore Market Maker List: Automatically block orders going to certain specified market makers
    • Trading Baskets: Launch orders to a group of stocks, specifying both quantities and exchanges
    • Auto Cancels
    • Integrated Listed Trading (NYSE)
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Top 10 Montage of Active Stocks
    • Highs & Lows
    • Top Movers
    • Portfolio Manager: With real time position monitor and full back office functionality
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